Building a medtech business is no mean feat.

It’s a combination of science and technology, regulations and standards, finance and strategy, all pulled together with a founder’s hustle and drive. It’s precisely this complicated confluence of things that can make a medtech founder’s journey difficult to navigate.

Cicada MedLab will help you be as successful as you can be as a business builder. We’ll equip you with the tools and networks to give your business the best chance of breaking out on the global stage and be your guide and coach to ensure you’re on track and focusing on the right things at the right time.

 MedLab at a glance

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$50K investment for 3% equity stake or at the same terms of a current raise



Pitch to investors, healthcare leaders, press, and the wider deep tech community



Visit internationally recognised medtech hubs post Demo Day and expand your global networks

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One-on-one mentoring with medtech business builders, industry investors and experts



Access Cicada's co-working space, shared labs, and rapid prototyping lab to build, test and iterate your technology



Invitation to join Cicada Innovations Incubator for subsidised support and space for up to five years

 How it works



(0-3 months)

  • Focus on customer validation, pathway to market and investor readiness

  • Engage with mentors made up of business builders, domain experts and active investors

  • Engage with your peers and the 60+ startups and scaleups housed within the Cicada Incubator

  • Work out of Cicada rent-free and again access to our suite of technical equipment and rapid prototyping labs.



  • Use our widely anticipated Demo Day event as a platform to pitch your business to investors, industry leaders and media

  • Your mission should you choose to accept it: to get investors interested in your product and open the doorway to discussions around raising your first round of funding.



3-6 months

  • Have the option of using our free co-working space and shared facilities for a further 3 months

  • Build on the knowledge gained and contacts made during the first half of the program

  • Receive ad hoc guidance from GrowLab mentors and program team as you continue to build your business and progress discussions with investors.



  • Have the opportunity to be invited to join the Cicada Innovations Incubator. We select only the cream of the crop into our deep tech Incubator, based on merit and community fit.

  • Access ongoing support and mentoring from other founders within Cicada’s community

  • Gain access to community knowledge sessions and talent sourced from Cicada’s shareholder Universities

  • Enjoy discounted rent for space for up to 5 years

What we’re looking for

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Jean Scott
Ann Kaufmann
John Sung
Emily Ward
Rose Aiko