We’re looking for driven medtech founders hungry to make an impact.


We'll invest $50K in you and your vision to transform healthcare worldwide. 

Along with our cash investment, we'll help you apply for federal and state government grants to further your business' runway. 

You should be ready to move to Cicada Innovations in Sydney for the four months of the program to work full-time on your business. In our experience, getting a startup off the ground requires a full-time commitment; founders should look at this 4 month commitment as a unique time to give everything they've got to take their technology out of the lab and into the hands of a user. You'll also maximise your engagement with mentors and peers to learn and grow your business as fast as possible.

Your company will be at pre or early-stage revenue and should have proof of concept of your technology, which should fall into the category of a medical device, diagnostic, digital health application, bio-printer, bionic device, biomaterial or coating. 

Applications are now closed for 2018

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